Why LaunchKits?

LaunchKits are our out of the box, tried and tested delivery methodology that offers three main benefits

Reduces the total cost of ownership with a proven low cost design and configuration setup

Speeds up your time to market reusing our 13 years of Salesforce setup knowledge

Mitigates SaaS failure risk and ensuring maximum ROI

Marketing Cloud Engagement  


Enhance your marketing efforts with tools for personalised customer journeys and detailed analytics. This kit delivers vital tools for campaign management, driving higher conversion rates.

  • We'll configure email and journey builder
  • We'll segment your audience
  • We'll set up analytics dashboards


Sales Cloud  


Optimise sales with tools for lead management, forecasting, and performance tracking. Enhance productivity and customer insights for faster deal closures.

  • We'll configure lead and opportunity management
  • We'll set up your sales pipeline
  • We'll create reporting dashboards


Service Cloud  


Elevate customer support with case management, knowledge base, and omnichannel support. Equip your team for swift issue resolution and improved satisfaction.

  • We'll configure case management
  • We'll implement a knowledge base
  • We'll configure assignments, escalations & SLA

About CloudSmiths

As a leading Salesforce partner, CloudSmiths is committed to delivering tailored solutions that drive business growth and operational efficiency. With a proven track record in serving B2B clients across various industries, we offer unparalleled expertise in Salesforce Implementation, ensuring your business is well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of 2024.

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